• Development of costefficient and resilient logistics concepts
  • Design of supply chains
  • Development of transport and logistics strategies
  • Optimization of Networks and Recommendations for suitable sites
  • Route planning and optimization of transport management
  • Set-up of an activity-based costing
  • Handling of tenders
  • Realization support


Strategy and top management


  • Implementation of organizational audits
  • Development of business models, market strategies and competitive analyses
  • Recruitment for key personnel
  • Consulting and support in day-to-day business
  • Development and initialization of a good executive culture (leadership principles, feedback culture, talent management, etc.)
  • Definition of vision, mission and guidelines for sustainable corporate development
  • Strategy development, planning and implementation
  • Development of values and strengths of the corporate culture
  • Analysis and moderation of conflicts
  • Crisis intervention and interim management
  • Coaching and support for senior management


Sales and marketing


  • Development of a high-performance sales organization
  • Definition of sales objectives and incentives
  • Ensuring sales agility and success
  • Determination of the return on investment in sales to be achieved
  • Definition and implementation of key performance indicators and a review culture
  • Set-up of a customer information and communication matrix
  • Development of a vision and mission for sales
  • Definition of pricing policy and clear assignment of pricing responsibility
  • Organization of benchmarking projects
  • Development of job profiles for the sales organization
  • Identification of a sales career model and further training in sales
  • Selection of suitable training partners
  • Definition of tasks and responsibilities for the sales management team
  • Development of a standards-compliant communication with all stakeholders of the sales organization


Transport and environment


  • Development of concepts for urban logistics
  • Recommendations for industrial locations
  • Sustainable Infrastructure planning
  • Design of models for infrastructure financing (e.g. differentiated tolls for all roads)
  • Impact assessment of transport policies (e.g. influence of prices on modal split choice)


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Sales and Marketing

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