Business Opportunities Port of Portland – Evaluation & Proposals

Customer dedicated cargo handling is the target of Port of Portland (POP), provides both airport and seaport cargo services. The marine division is the leading automotive port for finished vehicles from Asia on North America’s West Coast. The airport is a promising spoke and currently hosts airlines incl. Delta, Mexicana, North West, Lufthansa and many more. With lots of development areas at and around the port and airport facilities, POP has all what it takes to become one of North America’s West Coast hot spots for logistics services.


Scope of the project

Status quo examination of buildings, sites and operations and market survey of European logistics industries.



Offering competitive hinterland connections with two major class 1 railways to Chicago and thereby being faster than any other West Coast port is the biggest advantage of POP’s location. TransCare was hired to examine the status quo of POP in terms of facilities, infrastructure and operations. TransCare completed a market survey comprising of interviews with ten logistics industry executives. TransCare’s specialists checked port, airport and infrastructure, prepared a presentation for the POP’s executive board and gave recommendations about necessary steps for further growth.

Our services

  • Executive level market survey within the European logistics industry.
  • Analysis of POP’s facilities and infrastructure.
  • Documentation of TransCare’s findings in a short SWOT analysis.
  • Provision of strategic and operational development opportunities for the POP.
  • A precise action plan with necessary steps and immediate actions for further growth.
  • Capacity calculation and investigation of the necessary area.



Port of Portland





Infrastructure Planning

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