of 7 Logistics Centers in Europe

Danzas Solutions (today DHL Solutions) operates 289 warehousing locations worldwide and offers individual logistics solutions in terms of procurement logistics, warehousing and distribution logistics. Major focus lies on the automotive, pharmacy, healthcare, telecommunication, electronics and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), textile and chemical industries.


Improvement of warehouse processes and benchmark-oriented proposal management

TransCare’s task was to examine seven European warehousing centers and to evaluate significant key performance indicators per site. TransCare identified optimization potential along the process chain and the realized so-called ‘Quick Wins’, i.e. savings that can be implemented easily without major investments.
After completion of the individual projects, an initiative program for a general increase in the efficiency of warehouse processes was drawn up for the management. By integrating the efficiency know-how presented, management was put in a position to avoid cost risks already during proposal management.


Our Services

  • As-is analysis of the logistics centers
  • Short-term optimization and turnaround
  • Realization of ‘Quick Wins’ per location
  • Implementation support on site
  • Mid-term and long-term optimization for a sustainable improvement
  • Redesign of existing structures in marketing, sales and process management
  • Reduction of the error ratio
  • Improvement of reliability and thus, customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity due to the introduction of process-oriented operations
  • Accelerated inbound performance by 30%
  • Optimization of the picking strategy



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