Optimization of transport and warehousing processes

TransCare’s client is one of Europe’s leading manufactures of insulation materials. URSA supplies two products: glass wool and XPS (extruded polystyrene). The company owns 13 production sites in 9 different European countries and had substantial commercial activity in more than 20 countries. URSA realizes 450Mio. € sales per year.


Scope of the project

Integration of 2 companies with 13 sites in 26 European countries, design of a European logistic system and realization of synergy potentials.



At first, TransCare analyzed all 13 plants in terms of the supply of raw material, packaging, stock rotation and distribution. Afterwards, a benchmarking of the transport and warehousing services was made. As result of this study, TransCare recommended a redesign of the whole supply chain. Significant savings had been realized through tender-management projects for transports at nearly every site and through coaching the employees in dispatching processes. The reduction of the number of warehouses, a decrease in inventory and the restructuring of the distribution lead to savings of more than 15%.

Our services

  • As-is analysis of the logistical processes at 13 European sites.
  • Documentation of all logistical processes.
  • Development of Quick Wins.
  • Development of a transport simulation for an ideal distribution of the goods based on the budget for the next 10 years.
  • Implementation support for the recommended measures.
  • Reorganization of the transport and warehousing processes.
  • Training of the employees.
  • Development of a long-term strategy.



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Transport and Logistics

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