Optimization of transport and warehousing processes

URSA offers high-quality insulation products and related materials for high-rise construction, both for thermal and noise insulation. Applications include, for example, pitched roofs, exterior and interior walls, floors and ceilings. URSA currently operates 13 production sites in nine European countries. With sales of more than €450 million, the company is one of the largest in the industry.


Scope of the project

Integration of 2 companies with 13 sites in 9 European countries, development of a European logistics system and realization of synergy potentials.



URSA was established over the last few years by merger of Pfleiderer and Poliglas. Integrated logistics processes did not yet exist. During the project, TransCare first analyzed all 13 plants in terms of raw material deliveries, packaging, warehouse movements and throughput, as well as distribution. Subsequently, a benchmarking of the transport and warehouse services was conducted. As a result of this study, a re-design of the entire logistics chain was proposed. Significant monetary savings were achieved by re-tendering transportation at almost all locations and training employees in the disposition processes. The reduction of warehouse locations and inventory as well as the restructuring of the regional market allocation per warehouse also helped to reduce overall logistics costs by more than 15%.

Our services

  • Status quo analysis of logistics processes at 13 European production and warehousing sites.
  • Documentation of all logistic processes.
  • Identification of potential quick wins to achieve immediate savings.
  • Development of a transport simulation for the optimal distribution of goods based on budgets for the next 10 years.
  • Implementation support for the recommended measures.
  • Reorganization of the transport and warehousing processes.
  • Employee training.
  • Development of a long-term strategy.



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