Audit Supply Chain Management
An outside view sharpens the focus on the essentials

Sunrise, a subsidiary of Liberty Global, is the largest private telecommunications company in Switzerland and provides leading mobile, Internet, TV and fixed network services for private and business customers. The brands Sunrise, Yallo, Mysports, Swype, Lebara, UPC and Sunrise Business connect several million customers every day. More than 100 Sunrise stores, decentralized sales partners and a network of forward and reverse distribution B2B and B2C enable fast and easy hardware shipping and replacement as well as service and refurbishment solutions.


The challenge for TransCare

The company management commissioned a five-day supply chain management audit to look at all end-to-end processes and responsibilities and to provide an “outside-in” view on performance, cost optimization, reliability and robustness. At the same time, the aim was to investigate whether the “new Sunrise” created by a merger of two companies of almost the same size around 24 months previously could achieve further post-merger synergies and optimizations in the area of supply chain management.


The work of TransCare

During numerous site visits and stakeholder interviews (employees from SCM, the branch network, external logistics service providers, sales, service, etc.), the three-person team from TransCare was able to gain important insights and original impressions of where potential can still be leveraged in terms of process improvement, cost optimization, use of technologies and collaboration. Through concrete suggestions for improvement and by highlighting best practice, quick wins were identified as well as longer-term and fundamental project approaches defined. The topic of leadership in the supply chain and cultural self-image were also addressed and potentials identified.


The customer testimonial

André Krause, CEO Sunrise GmbH: “The TransCare team took a very pragmatic approach. With just a briefing from the C-level, the consultants managed to get an in-depth and broad picture of our supply chain in a short space of time. They addressed the various important aspects: Technology, process, people and communication. With TransCare’s broad knowledge of the market, the consultants provided at all times a reference or benchmark to the market and gave us advice on how and where we could align and optimize ourselves. Thanks to the concrete action list given in the final presentation, we can go straight into implementation and set the right priorities.”

Our services

  • Interviews with and visits to SCM stakeholders in centralized and decentralized functions
  • Presentation of the SCM functions and processes after the integration of both company parts
  • Examination of functional and cultural strengths and weaknesses
  • Explicit examination of the areas of store logistics, end customer shipping, returns management, S&OP, process improvement, costs and refurbishment
  • Proposals for organizational streamlining and allocation
  • Definition of leadership responsibilities in the supply chain
  • Evaluation of the drama triangle market availability, delivery time and inventory levels
  • Creation of “Best in Class SCM” target image
  • Identification of quick wins
  • Preparation of specific change tasks and presentation to the CEO



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