Infrastructure planning
Estimation of investment costs for a micro steel plant in the Baltics

Horst Wiesinger Consulting GmbH is a consulting company specializing in the iron and steel industry. The experienced experts advise their customers on the construction of new production and storage facilities, from planning to implementation.


Process-orientated infrastructure planning

One of HWC’s clients was examining the option of setting up a micro steel plant in the Baltic States. TransCare had the task of planning the necessary logistics infrastructure and determining the associated investment costs. During an on-site visit, TransCare analyzed the potential site and held talks with the investor and local authorities.
The main focus was on the logistical utilization of public areas and the best possible use of the planned public infrastructure by the customer.
Based on the findings, TransCare developed two layout options and calculated the necessary investment costs.


Clear recommendation for action

Against the background of logistical efficiencies and cost considerations, TransCare made a clear recommendation in favor of one of the layout options. Thanks to TransCare’s work, Horst Wiesinger’s customer gained a clear overview of the various planning options within a very short space of time and received concrete decision-making aids for the next steps.


Our services

  • Site visit in the Baltic with on-site analysis
  • Layout planning for the logistics areas
  • Discussions with local authorities
  • Determination of the investment costs for the construction of the logistics infrastructure
  • Recommendation for action



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