Transport cost optimization
Rail vehicles & railcar bodies

Stadler Rail AG, headquartered in Bussnang CH, is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of rail vehicles, in particular railcars, streetcars and locomotives. In addition to Bussnang, the company has European production sites in Altenrhein (CH), Siedlce (PL), Valencia (ES) and Szolnok (HU), among others.
The production process involves intermediate plant transports of car bodies. After final assembly, the vehicles are delivered either by road, water or directly by rail.


Identification and evaluation of service providers

Aim of the project was to analyze and evaluate the existing costs for inter-plant and final delivery transports and to reduce the costs sustainably. For a large part of the transports incurred at the above-mentioned locations, TransCare obtained and negotiated alternative transport offers from other service providers. Together with Stadler, the supply chain concepts for some transports were reorganized, for example by using an alternative mode of transport.


Significant reduction of transport costs

With the help of TransCare, transport costs were significantly reduced. The savings were mainly achieved by new transport concepts or passed on synergy effects of the service providers that TransCare proposed. In addition, long-term framework agreements were negotiated with key service providers to increase planning security at Stadler.
The new supply chain concepts increased competition between service providers and improved quality. The cost transparency achieved will also have a lasting positive impact on future transport projects.


Our Services

  • Analysis of the existing transport contracts and offers for the final delivery of finished vehicles as well as the inter-plant deliveries of railcar bodies.
  • Retrieval of new alternative offers in the market, evaluation and negotiation support.
  • Selective modal shift for selected transports.
  • Drafting and negotiation of framework agreements with several service providers.



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