Feasibility Study
Multipurpose and Multimodal Transfer Terminal – Potential study

Smart Rail Logistics is one of the largest private operators on the Ukrainian rail transport market. The company specializes in the transportation of agricultural products and bulk cargo. It owns and manages more than 1,800 wagons, mainly for grain and bulk cargo. Smart Rail Logistics intends to expand its field of activity and is planning a business case to build and operate a mulitpurpose and multimodal terminal at a gauge change station in Western Ukraine.


The east-west axis as a growth option

TransCare first examined the market volume that could run through the potential terminal in the future. On this basis, the market share for Smart Rail Logistics and for the resulting terminal dimensions were derived. In addition, TransCare analyzed the competitors and their locations so that Smart Rail Logistics can adapt to future market conditions and act accordingly.


A clear roadmap

Based on the findings, TransCare prepared a roadmap with recommendations on how to proceed. Smart Rail Logistics can now focus its business case even more specifically on future market developments. Initial talks with potential partners were initiated.


Our Services

  • Analysis of the transport volume and derivation of the potential market share.
  • Geostrategic site analysis.
  • Analysis of the most important competitors and their locations.
  • Identification of potential partners.
  • Recommendations for further action.



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