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Conceptual Planning

Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) is responsible for development and maintenance of the infrastructure in the Port of Hamburg. In addition to the water- and landside port infrastructure, HPA also operates the port railway facilities.


Ensure traffic performance on the main roads around Hamburg

Hamburg is facing massive construction work on almost all highways surrounding and connecting the port over a very long period (expected 2021 – 2035). In order to maintain the performance of the main routes, solutions are required to sustainably avoid congestions on the road network and to secure the business model of the terminal operators and carriers.


Recommendations for a hinterland concept

The port can relieve highway congestion by transporting significant container volumes via shuttle rail services between the port of Hamburg and terminals for loading and unloading in the hinterland. In a conceptual phase, TransCare identified optimal transfer points between rail and road in the regional vicinity of the Port of Hamburg and identified several areas for new facilities as well as existing handling possibilities that can provide a high relief effect for road traffic. As a basis for implementation, the necessary utilization and operating models were developed and presented. In addition, the cost implications were assessed and modular designs for handling facilities to be planned were outlined.


Our Services

  • Determination of port-related traffic flows on the highways around Hamburg affected by construction sites and estimation of their relocatability.
  • Derivation of optimal rail-road transfer points and identification of potential sites for regional handling in the target radius.
  • Development and presentation of commercial and operational models.
  • Proof of technical, operational and economic feasibility.
  • Planning of the sites including their road connections.
  • Identification of stakeholders to be involved.
  • Preliminary planning of fallback variants.



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