Supply Chain Audit
Optimization of supply chain

KBS Gastrotechnik is one of the leading experts in the field of catering in Germany. Founded in Fulda over 50 years ago, the company primarily focuses on high-quality manufacturing. Today, KBS works with long-term vendors from Asia and Europe and operates an 8,000m² central warehouse in Eichenzell near Fulda. The product range includes approximately 3,500 professional catering appliances. Competent employees serve customers from the catering, hotel and food retail industries throughout Germany.


360° Supply Chain Check

In order to design its own supply chain more efficiently and to make it more effective, KBS wanted a neutral assessment of its transportation processes and costs, and therefore called in the experience and expertise of TransCare. Based on a status quo analysis of all logistics activities, measures to optimize the supply chain were then to be developed.
Thanks to detailed data collection and a number of surveys conducted by TransCare, the current purchasing, in-loading/out-loading and transportation processes, costs and transport streams of KBS were examined. In addition, strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks related to relevant logistics levels were identified.


Optimization Recommendations

TransCare was able to identify the optimization potentials in the logistical processes, costs and run-time as well as to provide valuable recommendations for improving KBS’s supply chain.
The audit results were presented to the executive management in a workshop and discussed jointly.
Furthermore, TransCare outlined current developments in the sea freight and road transportation markets and provided some decisive food for thought on the future development of logistics and supply chain functions at KBS.


Our Services

  • Description and analysis of current supply chain
  • Approaches to processes and run-time optimization
  • Review of current transportation and logistics costs
  • Identification of cost reduction potentials
  • Ways of increasing cost transparency
  • Strategy consulting to manage rising sea freight (incidental) costs as well as tariff developments in road transportation
  • Presentation of relevant market developments and innovations



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