Study on the Development of Supply Chains along the Silk Road / Evaluation of the Port of Aktau

FTNT is a merchant of agricultural products and construction materials. Having its head office in Istanbul, Turkey, FTNT is specialized in products originating in Kazakhstan.
To strengthen its grip on transport chains linking China and Kazakhstan to the Caucasus region, Turkey and Southeastern Europe, FTNT considers the further development of connections via the port of Aktau and the Caspian Sea.


Evaluation of routes between Central Asia and Europe, focus on Aktau

The first part of the study featured a comparison of major westbound/eastbound routes linking Central Asia to Europe. It enabled a first definition of the origin/destination relations and cargo types for which routing via Aktau can be an attractive choice.
The study further included an evaluation of Caspian Sea ports competing with Aktau as well as a review of the handling volumes considered in Aktau’s current development forecast.
Overall, the study findings serve as a basis for deciding on further steps to build attractive transport chains via Aktau (negotiations with potential partners, contacting prospective clients, etc.).


Our Services

  • Macroscopic market overview (trade between relevant origin and destination regions).
  • Comparison of competing Eurasian transport routes (status quo and planned connections), including lead times and important players.
  • Overview of competing ports along the routes and hinterlands.
  • Review of Port of Aktau volume development targets.
  • Recommendations for establishment of services.



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