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GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH, headquartered in Weingarten, is an internationally operating logistics company with locations in Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Slovenia. Around 800 employees are committed to serving demanding customers on approx. 200,000 m² of warehouse space and with a modern fleet of over 130 towing units. In addition to the entire range of national and international transports, GRIESHABER offers modern and certified industry solutions, especially for the pharmaceutical industry. Other key factors are close and long-term customer relations in the automotive, agricultural machinery and trade/industrial goods sectors.


The challenge

The rapid growth and success on the market have placed extreme demands on GRIESHABER’s management team over the years. Numerous new customer projects and successful rollouts of logistics facilities as well as business expansions left little time to deal with the necessary and parallel expansion of the management team and the management mechanisms as well as the required competencies of the senior staff. Reinforced by the special work situation in the Corona pandemic, the urge evolved to define more clearly the leadership to be performed in the company with a clear strategic orientation and to transfer responsibility to more shoulders in a qualified and sustainable manner. A definition of common goals, values and leadership principles was to be derived therefrom.


The solutions provided by TransCare

A total of four modules were worked through with the client’s top management team: Development support for the executive board, the management circle, the sustainable human resources management and the rolling strategic planning (see below).


The assessment of the customer

Hansjörg Zelger, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GRIESHABER: “TransCare recognized at an early stage what adjustments we needed to make in order to make our leadership team even more successful, to motivate them and to equip them for the future in the best possible way. With a great deal of expertise in our core business and, at the same time, a great deal of competence in the area of management development, the TransCare experts were able to quickly help set the course and support the leadership team in its development. Due to the consultants’ medium-sized and entrepreneurial attitude, all goals were set realistically and worked out together. TransCare also closely supported the filling of a management position as part of the development process, in order to ensure that the goals set in the project were also sustainably anchored.”

Our Services

1. Development support – executive board

  • Basics of optimized cooperation
  • Culture contract and development of vision/mission
  • Strengths/weaknesses – corporate analysis
  • Definition of strategy and values
  • Impact factors in leadership
  • Stakeholder management

2. Development support – management circle

  • Interfacing the 1st level of management with the results of the executive work
  • Establishment of cooperation principles and allocation of responsibilities
  • Enhancement of good communication and collaboration

3. Development support – leadership / human resource management

  • Definition of tasks, work allocation and clear allocation of responsibilities
  • Definition of good leadership principles
  • Clarification of training needs, rollout and sustainability planning of good leadership
  • Talent management

4. 4.Development support – strategic planning

  • Dovetailing top-down and bottom-up planning
  • Multiannual strategic initiatives
  • Target setting processes
  • KPIs, controlling and results management



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