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Sunrise, a subsidiary of Liberty Global, is the largest private telecommunications company in Switzerland and provides leading mobile, Internet, TV and fixed network services for private and business customers. The brands Sunrise, Yallo, Mysports, Swype, Lebara, UPC and Sunrise Business connect several million customers every day. More than 100 Sunrise stores, decentralized sales partners and a network of forward and reverse distribution B2B and B2C enable fast and easy hardware shipping and replacement as well as service and refurbishment solutions.


The challenge for TransCare

Due to the loss of the previous Senior Director Supply Chain, TransCare was asked as a follow-up assignment (see reference Sunrise Audit Supply Chain Management) to pursue the findings gained in the first project in cooperation with the approximately 25-strong SCM team and to secure the day-to-day business until a successor takes over as Senior Director in the company.


The work of TransCare

A partner from the TransCare team took over the functional senior leadership for several months in close cooperation with the Sunrise committees. He was responsible for day-to-day operations with the three SCM departments (S&OP Planning, Logistics, Process Improvement) as well as the management of various projects. During this time, the existing ERP systems (2 from pre-merger times) were converted to a new S/4HANA system and a business excellence project was implemented. The potential for improvement previously identified in the TransCare audit was addressed in individual projects, initiated and in some cases completed. Employees were integrated by means of various workshops and in particular made aware of their responsibility to actively help shape the necessary change for the post-merger projects and optimizations that are still outstanding. The management of the second line was actively coached and supported in its development. The stakeholder contacts within Sunrise Management that were initiated in the audit were further expanded and the necessary communication and coordination rounds were partly reorganized and their content sharpened. Open personnel issues were addressed pragmatically in close cooperation with HR and concrete solutions were found.


The customer testimonial

André Krause, CEO of Sunrise GmbH: “After realizing in our first assignment to TransCare that we were not dealing with theorists but with experienced practitioners, we turned to the Wiesbaden logistics experts again after identifying a management and implementation problem. With the help of Christian Marnetté as a partner of TransCare, we were then able to quickly and pragmatically draw up an agenda on how we could stabilize the supply chain management area on the one hand and position it well for the future on the other. Our team received excellent external support and guidance in an empathetic and professional manner. Early on, Christian Marnetté also helped us to have the right requirements profile for the replacement of the Senior Director and to fill the position adequately within a short period of time.”

Our services

  • Assumption of personnel responsibility together with the Sunrise committees
  • Responsible management in day-to-day business
  • Management of in part complex IT and reorganization projects
  • Coaching and development of second-line management
  • Detailed work content analysis per workplace
  • Creation of a department reorganization plan and future cost savings
  • Development of a project plan for the implementation of a planning tool in the area of S&OP planning
  • Definition of a target profile for the further consolidation of external logistics service providers
  • Analysis of the department’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks down to the level of department employees
  • Concrete need for change implemented in processes and agreements



Sunrise GmbH
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