Corporate Strategy for Pacific Logistic

Pacific Logistic is a newly incorporated logistics spin-off of the Sollers automotive group, which manufactures and distributes the Ford, Mazda, Ssangyong, Toyota and UAZ brands at 6 plants in Russia. In addition to providing typical automotive logistics services to the sites, Pacific Logistic operates a container terminal in Vladivostok.


Scope of the project

Pacific Logistic appointed TransCare to develop a market-focused corporate strategy to grow business by expanding the service portfolio and thus attracting new non-group customers in the automotive industry.



TransCare first identified the different categories of supply chains within the Russian automotive industry. With this segmentation of supply chains, TransCare analyzed the relevant market of automotive logistics and the current position of Pacific Logistic. On this basis, the potential growth areas were identified and the future service portfolio was defined together with a corresponding expansion and marketing strategy. As a result, a market-oriented growth strategy for becoming the leading logistics service provider for the Russian automotive industry was presented.

Our Services

  • Segmentation of supply chain activities in the Russian automotive logistics industry.
  • Investigation of Sollers Group and Pacific Logistic’s current activities and infrastructure.
  • Analysis of the Russian automotive market and evaluation of market position per segment.
  • Short-term recommendations to improve current business.
  • Definition of service portfolio and geographical coverage.
  • Development of an expansion strategy (co-operations, joint ventures, acquisitions) incl. partner recommendations with initiation of first negotiations.
  • Development of branding and communication strategy.
  • Recommendations for organizational structure and management.



Pacific Logistic
Vladivostok, Russia





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