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Logistics, engineering and service delivery at a high level of quality is of utmost priority for Mosolf. By continually improving performance and competitiveness, MOSOLF is adapting to changing markets. More than 2,200 employees at over 30 locations in Europe ensure a perfect combination of technical and logistic network competences. Mosolf focuses on the optimization of the value-added chain of services with the combination know-how of technical and logistical skills. An unprecedented success story in which quality, efficiency, innovation and punctuality play a decisive role.


Further development of existing surface areas

In order to offer a range of services to customers in the automotive sector, Mosolf provides suitable areas of sufficient size in strategic locations. At selected locations, certain parts of the commercial and industrial areas are also made available to third parties and suppliers. Equipment and transport connections make the areas attractive for production, trade and logistics. These areas are particularly interesting for companies from the automotive and technology sectors who benefit from synergies with the already established Mosolf service-based companies.


Successful establishment of a well-known logistics provider

Together with Mosolf, TransCare developed a modular usage concept for selected areas as the basis for direct acquisition of companies to locate to the site premises. Thereby the main focus was the systematic determination of the requirements of the potential target group. TransCare’s market knowledge and existing network formed the basis for the targeted approach of potential prospects. Due to further negotiations and adjustment of the surface layout, a well-known logistics service provider successfully established a new subsidiary, a modern distribution center, on-site of the premises.

Our Services

  • Development of a modular land utilization floor concept and layout.
  • Creation of real estate and property development exposés for different commercial site locations.
  • Targeted corporate research within the TransCare network.
  • Development of the corresponding internet appearance.
  • Monitoring and conclusion of negotiations.
  • Successful establishment of a well-known logistics service provider and new construction of a modern distribution center.



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