Transborder Intermodal Terminal

Eurotransit-KTC was established as a national logistics network provider for Kazakhstan. The company builds and operates logistics centers in the main metropolitan areas as well as at all major Kazakh border points. To guarantee smooth cargo flows between China and Kazakhstan, Eurotransit-KTC planned to build a transborder intermodal terminal in Altynkol with direct access to the Chinese normal gauge rail network as well as to the broad gauge rail system of Kazakhstan.


Requirements, Specifications, Demand

Main target of the project was to support the realization of the planned transborder intermodal terminal. The existing layout had to be evaluated and optimized. The final layout was meant to support optimal logistical processes in order to guarantee efficient and competitive operation (up to 300.000 TEU) and sufficient growth opportunities (up to 700.000 TEU). Based on the assessment of demand a suitable supplier needed to be identified to carry out design, construction, delivery, installation, testing and completion of up to five RMG cranes for the terminal. During the construction phase expert support had to ensure compliance with state-of-the-art standards.


Evaluation, Optimization, International Tender, Realization Support

TransCare estimated the expected transport flows and calculated the needed capacities (infrastructure, facilities, equipment). The existing layout planning was assessed based on international efficiency benchmarks. Required investments and expected operational costs for the optimized layout solution were calculated. TransCare developed the international tender, accompanied negotiations and contracting with crane suppliers and supported the realization of the terminal during construction.

Our Services

  • Demand, capacity and layout check of existing layout planning
  • Estimation of expected transport flows and calculation of needed capacities
  • Identification of optimization potentials and development of recommended layout solutions
  • Calculation of required investment and expected operational costs
  • Preparation of tender documents and market study for suitable crane suppliers
  • Evaluation of offers, negotiations and identification of the best offer (price/quality), support in finalizing the contract
  • Recommendation on state of the art construction methods, compliance with all high quality functional and operational standards
  • Detailed technical documentation and plans, orginizational support to provide special construction tools and materials



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