Logistics Audit & Project Office

Thanks to both its geographic position and an attractive investment climate, the Kingdom of Bahrain is emerging as an entry gate to the Northern Gulf region. The Bahrain Economic Development Board supports the establishment of advanced logistics services, thereby accelerating the transformation of Bahrain into a post-oil economy.

Developing Bahrain as a Logistics Hub

Attractive connections and a favorable legal framework are essential pillars of that strategy. Following an audit of the country’s competitive position, TransCare founder Ralf Jahncke was appointed as a Logistics Officer on behalf of the Bahrain Economic Development Board. The tasks comprised both short term improvements in transport performance and the development of a viable perspective in logistics.


The Logistics Project Office as a Driver

An 80% reduction of delays for trucks crossing the border between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia was the first discernible achievement of the Project Office. Improved business conditions were rewarded by an increasing demand for space in the Bahrain Logistics Zone. During the appointment (2015 to 2016), Bahrain‘s rank in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index improved from 52nd to 44th.


Our Services and Initiatives

  • Establishment of the Bahrain Logistics Board for swift coordination and decision-making.
  • Streamlining of the customs processes at King Fahd Causeway and at the airport and seaport.
  • Review of services and pricing policy in the Bahrain Logistics Zone, contributions to expansion plan, marketing support.
  • Liberalization of the T&L industry, e.g. enabling 100% foreign direct investments in real estate.
  • Review and guidelines for adjustment of Bahrain’s strategic plans in the transportation sector (air/sea/rail/road).
  • Support of an alternative routing for Bahrain’s link to the GCC Railway network.
  • Initiation of the GCC Logistics Conference.



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