Transport and logistics strategy for the Republic of Moldova

The project was initiated by the Government of the Republic of Moldova through the Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure, with the financial support in form of a grant provided by the World Bank (WB). A group of three companies – Kocks Consult, an independent company of planners and consultants, Universinj, a Moldovan company specialized in Engineering and Consulting and TransCare were carrying out the project.


Transport- and logistics sector as competitive advantage

The main objective of the effort was to develop a transport and logistics strategy aimed at making the transport and logistics sector a key supporting factor for the development of Moldova’s economy and export trade.


The specific objectives of the assignment

Comprehensive analysis of Moldova’s transportation, logistics and customs sectors. Identification of all the peculiarities and problems in the field of transport and trade that affect Moldova’s competitiveness in the international exchange of goods. Draft of a transport and logistics strategy. Support of the government in finalizing and publishing the transport and logistics strategy.

Our Services

  • Traffic flow analysis and forecast.
  • CFM (Moldovan Railway) review and reform proposal.
  • Analysis of the port of Giurgiulesti.
  • Analysis of the aviation sector.
  • Development of the transport and logistics strategy together with Kocks Consult and Universinj.



Kocks Consult GmbH, Koblenz





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