Studies and Measures Aimed at Development of the Rotterdam – Genoa Corridor

The Rotterdam-Genoa corridor carries an annual transport volume of approximately 700 million tons. The CODE24 project, which is funded by the European Union within its Interreg IVB North-West Europe program (funds amounting to 50% of the project costs), unites 17 institutions from five countries along the corridor. These institutions include regional authorities in charge of spatial planning as well as universities, cities and ports. The project partners jointly develop ideas aimed at ensuring a sufficient performance of this essential European transport axis, while considering the requirements of the people living along the route.


Hinterland train shuttle possibilities for Ligurian ports

The target of the study is to check the conditions for the feasibility of a hinterland shuttle from the Ligurian ports along the Rotterdam – Genoa corridor. For the analysis the areas of Rhine-Ruhr, Rhine-Neckar, Switzerland and the Lombardy are of special importance. The focus of the analysis is on the role of Ligurian ports and economic viability for a container train linking the Ligurian ports to the hinterland. Therefore TransCare carried out a status quo analysis of volumes and demand as well as the general railway framework and the port railway framework along the Rotterdam – Genoa corridor.


Development of online rail freight exchange platforms

The status quo analysis showed high transport flows from Northern Range ports. The major cargo flows on the corridor are southbound, so considerable northbound capacities are available. Due to their geographical location, transport chains via Ligurian ports have time, flexibility and climate advantages compared to other transport chains, which is why shuttle train connections from Ligurian ports to the Milan region were recommended transport solutions. As a result of the project, two private online rail freight exchange services started operations, partly developed on the basis of the project findings.


Our Services (in cooperation with other project partners

  • Study of feasibility and economic viability for a container train linking the Ligurian ports to a terminal in the Milan region and to European train networks.
  • Definition of specifications for an online rail freight exchange service and support during the development of a software prototype.



Projekt “CODE24”
Project funded by the EU within the Interreg IVB North-West program.



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