Transport & Environment

Handling limited resources efficiently is a challenge which often goes beyond the capabilities of the private sector. This is especially true for the planning of transport infrastructure. Improvement in this field requires the coordination of a variety of stakeholders. In addition to national and regional authorities, European institutions play an increasing role.


An impartial approach which is not limited to the horizon of a single company enables long-term perspectives for the development of the transport sector. This can help to raise public awareness of transport issues and to provide elected officials with a basis for decisions on future investments and legislation.

  • Concepts for urban logistics

  • Requirement analysis

  • Studies on the reactivation of railway infrastructure

  • Models for infrastructure financing (e.g. differentiated tolls for all roads)

  • Impact assessment of transport policies (e.g. the impact of prices on the choice of transport modes)

  • Recommendations for industrial locations



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Transport & Environment

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