Feasibility study to establish a cross-border CT-terminal

In a preliminary project, TransCare investigated the possibility of further developing the company Mosolf’s site Überherrn, with the construction of a terminal for combined transport (CT). As a cross-border connected CT-terminal located close to the German-French border can substantially strengthen the attractiveness of the entire region and furthermore by reactivating the connecting lines, a regeneration of the cross-border regional railways would be conceivable, therefore TransCare was commissioned by the Saarland Ministry of Economic Affairs to determine the validity of this conceptual study. The aim of the project was the detailed examination into the technical, financial and legal feasibility of reactivating the cross-border rail infrastructure and the development of a bi-national CT-terminal. At the same time, the question of profitability had to be answered – also taking into account the possible additional benefit for the regional railways. Due to the public interest involved, the project received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (Interreg).


Scope of the project

Detailed review of the development of a bi-national CT-terminal and the reactivation of the rail infrastructure.

Our services

  • Description of the positive effects of a CT terminal.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Determination of the volume potential based on statistics and company surveys.
  • Determination of transport volumes and costs.
  • Examination of the reactivation of the connecting railway lines for freight transport.
  • Assessment of usage and passenger potential for the regional railways.
  • Determination of the costs of rehabilitation of the cross-border rail infrastructure.
  • Detailed planning of the terminal (development and layout plan).
  • Investment calculation in different stages (with and without subsidies).
  • Business plan for terminal developers and operators.
  • Recommendation of an organizational structure and identification of partners for the terminal and train operations.
  • Recommendations for action.



Saarland – Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Energie und Verkehr, Saarbrücken







Infrastructure Planning, Transport and Environmental Policy

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