Container Business of Russian Railways (RZD) – Development and Internationalization

RZD (JSC Russian Railways) is one of the largest rail companies in the world. The track network has a length of 85,500 km and spans 11 time zones. With 1.2 million employees, RZD handled about 1.3 billion tons of freight in Russia when the container business was to be modernized and expanded in a phase of ambitious reforms and development. The aim was an increase of service level, the integration into the Eurasian transport infrastructure and an expansion into the East-West and North-South transport corridors. Shippers were to benefit from door-to-door delivery as well as greatly reduced costs and delivery times.


Scope of the project

Survey of the market potential and development of a business strategy to realize that potential.



TransCare analyzed the RZD service levels, volumes and domestic, international as well as transit markets. Market demands were investigated and business strategy developed. The strategy included the definition of target markets, product portfolio, production concept, terminal and service network and general marketing. Furthermore, potential partners and required state support were highlighted as well as necessary investments and possible funding sources. With the business strategy RZD received the necessary structure for growth in the international container business.


Our Services

  • Status-quo analysis of RZD container operations and domestic, international and transit container markets
  • Analysis of container market demands
  • Container market best practices and biggest failures
  • Business strategy design incl. markets, products, production, network, marketing and sales
  • Required investments
  • Rough estimation of the market potential
  • Training for the top-level RZD management



RZD Russian Railways
Moskau, Russland




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