Market entry strategy Russia

The family-owned company HOYER is one of the global market leaders in the tank container industry. As part of its Eastern European strategy, the company aims to establish itself in the Russian market on a mid-term basis. In addition to the export and import business with Europe, the focus is also on entering the national Russian market. In the long term, HOYER has the prospect of interlinking its Asian and Russian volumes and developing a Eurasian land bridge for tank containers.


Market analysis and strategy development

Main elements of the project were a market analysis and the development of a strategy for the Russian market. Focus was laid on the areas of chemical products, liquid raw materials and foodstuffs. In addition, a comparison of the transport corridors between Europe and Russia and the evaluation of various locations in Russia were carried out.


Strategic importance of the Russian market for the HOYER Group

The project was concluded with specific recommendations for the implementation of suitable measures to expand and consolidate the market position in Russia/CIS.

Our Services

  • Survey of the status quo, in particular also of HOYER’s existing transports between Europe and Russia/CIS.
  • Market volume analysis (tank containers to/from Russia/CIS).
  • Definition of the optimal customer portfolio.
  • Evaluation of the various transport corridors between Europe and Russia with regard to their future importance.
  • Capture of key competitors’ activities.
  • Concept for optimal site development.
  • Presentation of practical recommendations for action with the aim of increasing / sustainably consolidating the market position in Russia/CIS.



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