Development of ‘Less than Wagon Load’ transport solutions in the Antwerp Chemical cluster

In 2014 the European Commission started its biggest research and innovation program at the time ‘Horizon 2020’. TransCare participated in an eleven-partners consortium, which was led by the Belgian rail transport company Lineas, to work on a subproject of Horizon 2020 ‘Less than wagonload’, which had the objective to develop a smart specialized logistics cluster for the chemical industry in the Port of Antwerp in order to shift transport volumes from road to rail freight.


Development of a less than wagon load concept

In order to shift transport volumes from road to rail, one main objective of the project was to launch a rail transport solution for less than wagonload cargo.
TransCare was in the lead to develop the less than wagonload transport concept as a rail-based competitive alternative to existing road-based transport solutions.
Major European centers of production and commerce had to be identified and analyzed in order to determine potential destinations for pilot connections.


Potential for an intermodal shift to rail between European economic centers

TransCare developed the less than wagonload concept over a period of two years. The findings resulted in a detailed description of the supply chain, in which the main run is represented as a point-to-point connection on rail between Antwerp and selected European economic centers. The results were benchmarked to existing transport solutions in financial terms and the ecological benefits were identified and calculated. Furthermore partners were selected and listed for all segments of the transport chain.
The development is intended to serve as a basis for the implementation of a European rail-based network of less than wagonload cargo with the Antwerp Chemical cluster as the center hub.


For more details please refer to:
European Commission – Horizon 2020 – Development of ‘Less than Wagon Load’ transport solutions in the Antwerp Chemical cluster

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  • Market overview on existing less than truckload cargo volumes
  • Development and detailed description of less than wagonload transport concept
  • Benchmarking to existing transport solutions
  • Development of action plan for set-up of transport concept
  • Identification and evaluation of potential partners



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