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As a global SAP logistics partner and solution provider, leogistics specialises in the area of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) with the main focus on transportation and warehouse management. In addition to logistics business process and application consulting, leogistics offers further development and integration of complementary logistics solutions (based on SAP and cloud technology). Thus, leogistics enables a complete and consistently flexible mapping, planning and control of logistics processes and value chains. With the yard management system “Rail”, leogsitics developed a specific module for process control of plant railways.


Support and consulting on railway processes

With professional advice on railway processes TransCare supported leogistics in conception and further development of “Rail”, a yard management solution for plant railways. With specific railway knowledge, communication with the customers became more efficient and complex railway operations could be mapped in the system in a more usable approach. With extensive test runs under field conditions, TransCare contributed to achieving the fastest possible deployment of the system. In addition, TransCare provided essential support in the development of a wagon database that had to be enhanced with specific parameters for each type of wagon.


Advice and support from initial conception to implementation

Already during the development of the system specification for the railway customer, TransCare prepared sector-specific process descriptions for leogistics. In numerous workshops, fine-tuning with the railway customers was professionally accompanied with regard to railway operation procedures. In addition process analyses were prepared. Technical data (load capacity, load limit grid, tare, holder identification, etc.) for around 1,000 different types of wagons were researched for the development of a wagon database. During test runs in parallel operation with the existing systems, TransCare was able to ensure the necessary user performance due to experience and a practical approach. Furthermore, during the introduction phase of “Rail”, TransCare provided shift support to railway employees at a total of 5 customer locations.

Our Services

  • Description of typical plant railway processes.
  • Railway operational input for the development of a specification paper.
  • Expert support for workshops with the plant railway customer.
  • Support of software development with regard to railway operations aspects.
  • Development of a wagon database with around 1,000 different types of wagons.
  • Performance of test runs under practical assumptions.
  • Operation of the software during test runs on the customer’s premises in parallel operation with existing systems.
  • Support of the implementation at the customer’s site including training and supervision of the railway employees.



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