Akqusition initiation

Schavemaker is an experienced logistics service provider with a wide range of services in the European logistics and transport sector, using various modes of transportation. Since its foundation in 1967, the company has grown impressively and now operates branches in various European countries, an own rail terminal as well as more than 300 trucks and 500 trailers.


Identification of suitable takeover targets

Schavemaker wished to use its excellent company results for a further strategic acquisition in order to follow its growth strategy and to strengthen its presence in Germany. The company desired a location in the Ruhr area of Germany as Schavemaker has many relations in the Ruhr area. The TransCare network and experience in M&A projects should be used to initiate such a takeover.


Acquisition of Jäger Transport

9 months after TransCare’s commissing, Schavemaker acquired all shares of Jäger Transport GmbH International as per 1 December 2018. 35 Employees, 25 trucks, 40 trailers and the location in Bochum were involved in this takeover. The current activities of Jäger will be continued as they fit well with Schavemaker. The acquisition has no consequences for the employees.
With this acquisition, Schavemakers strengthens its presence in Germany as well as its position in the steel and general cargo segment, where Jäger is mainly active. Schavemaker’s network was expanded with the desired location in the Ruhr area, which is perfectly situated and connected to the road network, offers expansion opportunities and enables the company to meet the customer’s demand even faster and better.

Our services

  • Identification and research of suitable investment targets
  • Analysis of strategic fit (consistent with client’s service portfolio and business development opportunities)
  • Approaching suitable takeover candidates in consultation with the client
  • Evaluation of the information / documents provided by the candidate
  • Accompaniment and moderation of the negotiations
  • Preparation and coordination of SPA



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