Commercial Due Diligence

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (GWI) is a global operator of 47 regional and short haul railroads in the United States, Canada, Bolivia and Australia; they also provide significant integrated, rail related logistics services to industries and municipal authorities. GWI operates on over 6,000 miles of track (both owned and over open access), hauls approximately 100 million tons per annum, provides industrial shunting within more than 30 large scale industrial facilities, load more than 350 million tons of coal for mining companies in the Powder River Basin and run more than 12 port railroads.


Scope of the project

Commercial due diligence of a cargo railroad in order to enter the European market.



Since GWI already impressively demonstrated how to operate in other geographical markets than their home market, they decided to enter the European rail cargo market. In order to prepare the market entry TransCare conducted a commercial due diligence of a railroad. This railroad was one of the prime targets to enter the European market. TransCare evaluated all commercial contracts as well as the existing rolling stock with their rental and lease agreements. Furthermore TransCare developed a rough integration and development strategy of the company on the European market.

Our services

  • Evaluation of all commercial contracts
  • Analysis of rental and lease agreements for rolling stock
  • Business Plan analysis
  • Question & Answer session of the management
  • Competitors analysis
  • Confidential research.
  • Future business opportunities
  • Purchase price recommendation



Genesee & Wyoming Inc.





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