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3rd Construction Stage Combined Terminal Ludwigshafen

Since the end of the 19th century the outstanding strength of BASF is the continuous
development of integrated production structures and thus the efficient use of resources. As
the worldwide leading chemical company, BASF offers a large product portfolio which includes
chemicals, synthetics, refinement products, pesticides, fine chemicals, gas and oil.


Expansion of the current terminal

In order not to reach the capacity limit of the second module of BASF’s combined terminal at
the chemical production site in Ludwigshafen and to meet future requirements, BASF is
planning to expand the terminal with a third module. Taking into account the requirements of
the logistics market and the complex local restrictions, TransCare developed an optimized
concept for a future-proof expansion of the facility. The goals were to increase the handling
capacity while maintaining the service quality and efficiency of the operational processes.


Terminal optimization

After analyzing the status quo and detecting the constructional restrictions, TransCare developed several possible extension layout drafts. Taking operational processes into account, these were optimized and the capacities as well as investments were calculated. The results of a value-benefit and a sensitivity analysis were used to determine a recommendation for the best alternative.


Our Services

  • Development of a qualified layout for the 3rd module of the CT-Terminal.
  • Compliance with the site restrictions.
  • Consideration of the existing rail
    infrastructure and, if applicable, integration into the terminal layout.
  • Validation of preliminary work.
  • Optimization proposals.
  • Benchmark investment CT terminals. /span>



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