Due Diligence and European Strategy of a CEP Service Provider

Österreichische Post AG (Austrian Postal Service) is growing… Following its initial public offering, the company is working on expanding its product portfolio to become more independent of the letter mail business. Therefore, it is pursuing the following expansion goals: The development of the Austrian B2B parcel market through organic growth as well as international expansion by organic and inorganic growth.


Potential in the European CEP market

The European CEP (courier, express and postal) market is already highly consolidated and mature in most European countries. However, one of the leading CEP service providers holds a special market position due to its service portfolio and strict customer focus. This clearly distinguishes it from competitors. TransCare’s mandate was to provide commercial due diligence as support for the acquisition of this service provider by Österreichische Post AG.


Due Diligence and European Strategy

The service provider was analyzed by business areas with regard to market positioning as well as opportunities and risks of future development. The potential of new business areas was evaluated. Focus was placed on the development of a European strategy including analysis of status quo and existing plans for the development of the European network, evaluation of possible cooperation partners and acquisition targets with regard to their strategic fit, recommendations with an initial “implementation roadmap” for market positioning and the development of the network by country. A business plan was drawn up in cooperation with Österreichische Post AG and the supporting investment bank, including quantification of synergies. A catalog of requirements was also prepared for the integration concept into Österreichische Post AG. The acquisition was executed step by step starting in October 2006.

Our Services

  • Analysis of the CEP market in Germany and other selected European countries.
  • Company analysis with potential assessment of new business areas.
  • European strategy with recommendations on implementation schedule and network structure.
  • Business plan in cooperation with Österreichische Post AG and the supporting investment bank.
  • Specifications for the corporate integration concept.



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