Customer Satisfaction Analysis

From their foundation in 2001 up to mid-2006, BLS Cargo experienced a very positive company development regarding the increase of transport performance and profit. BLS Cargo reached a rail transit market share through Switzerland of 40%. The general market development is marked by increasing competition as well as an increase of quality and service level demands from the customers.


Customer Satisfaction Analysis as Basis for Strategic Company Decisions

Despite the achievements made, deepening existing customer relationships and acquiring new ones on the basis of a customer satisfaction and image analysis plays an integral part in being able to use chances of competition as well as in the strategic development of BLS Cargo.


Transparency of Customer Satisfaction as well as Room for Improvement

The customer satisfaction index used for BLS Cargo shows up to which degree its services match the requirements of its customers and partners. This quantified the customer satisfaction and high-lighted the room for improvement in separate service segments.


Our Services

  • Development of a questionnaire to survey the customer satisfaction of existing customers and partners and the image with potential customers.
  • Personal and telephone interviews with existing and potential customers.
  • Evaluation of the general image and the customer satisfaction in BLS Cargo’s separate service segments.
  • Determination of customer satisfaction index with a differentiation of results regarding service segment, customer segment and single customer.
  • Workshop for the strategic market focus of BLS Cargo and deduction of recommendations for actions.



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