Big Box Warehouse – Design review and validation

The Industrial Valley at King Abdullah Economic City, a planned city at Saudi Arabia’s west coast, is to become the preferred regional hub for manufacturing industries and value added global logistics. Industrial Valley planned to build a warehousing district close to King Abdullah Port with warehouses that are attractive, operationally practical, efficient, flexible and cost effective to attract targeted customers.


Review of conceptual and schematic warehouse design

The main target of the project was to review and validate the warehouse module design and assess alternative plot arrangements. The existing design had to be evaluated and optimized from an operational point of view. Industrial Valley aimed to ensure that the final layout supports optimal logistical processes in order to guarantee efficient and competitive operations and to meet the market demands.


Analysis and validation

TransCare reviewed the conceptual warehouse design and gave advice on the infrastructural and functional features for the warehouse to ensure flexibility and adaptability to future tenants’ operations & requirements. Additionally TransCare interviewed local and international 3PL providers to enhance and validate the layout & product requirements. All developed specifications were translated into the final design package by the architect.

Our Services

  • Demand, capacity and layout check of existing layout planning
  • Review and validation of conceptual warehouse design and plot arrangement
  • Survey of warehouse requirements by interviewing logistics providers
  • Identification of optimization potentials and development of layout alternatives as input for the architect
  • Review & analysis of final schematic design



Industrial Zones
Development Company Ltd., King Abdullah Economic City





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