Feasibility study for an on-site rail terminal

SABIC Polyolefine GmbH in Gelsenkirchen is one of three European productions sites for synthetic materials (Polyethen and Polypropen) of the Saudi Basic Industry Corporation. The granules produced are made of oil and gas and are used in the automobile industry, for the manufacture of household goods, pipes and appliances.


Safe and independent on road and rail

The products are currently shipped exclusively by road – in part as direct transport and in part as pre-carriage for combined transport by rail. There is no rail connection to the loading facilities. Aligning logistics solely to the road mode of transport at the Gelsenkirchen plant could lead to considerable problems in the future, particularly with regard to the increasing number of trucks at the plant and the corresponding increase in the number of truck tours. The integration of the rail mode of transport into the existing logistics concept is therefore gaining in importance.


Terminal concept and recommendations for action

For this reason, SABIC assigned TransCare to develop a terminal concept and to determine and evaluate the investments and operating costs. TransCare realized the task on the basis of an internal terminal, taking external terminals into account. Possibilities for subsidies were also examined and recommendations for action were made on the basis of the concept developed.


Our Services

  • Analysis of the volume base for rail transports.
  • Analysis of the technical feasibility for an on-site rail terminal.
  • Calculation of capacities, investments and operating costs.
  • Preliminary examination to obtain grant opportunities.
  • Comparison of transport costs under status quo vs. transport costs using an on-site rail terminal.
  • Process design for the temporary storage of containers.
  • Expert interviews.
  • Recommendations for action.



SABIC Polyolefine GmbH
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