Intermodal Terminal

This project was accomplished on behalf of a large chemical producer with high standards in transport and logistics. In line with the claim to organize transports as environmentally friendly as possible, the company aimed at shifting goods from road to rail. An intermodal terminal owned by the company was to be built at the production site after a feasibility analysis.


Technical, organizational and economic feasibility

TransCare planned the organization of operations at the intermodal terminal for short-term realization and step by step expansion measures (analysis of terrain, required infrastructure, suitable handling technology, dangerous goods facilities). The study included an investigation of requirements and procedures for opening the intermodal terminal for third parties, financing options, an investment cost calculation with expansion options, operating cost accounting and the planning of feeder traffic between terminals (organization, business analysis). The integration of the terminal in the plant logistics and operator variants were considered.


Implementation support for the intermodal terminal

Under the supervision of a Project Steering Committee and in cooperation with the client’s project team, all organizational, legal and financial issues necessary for the construction of the terminal had to be conclusively clarified. These included: Negotiations on terminal financing, operation and connection, structure of the operating company, identification of funding opportunities, determination of planning requirements, support of detail planning, organization, tendering, evaluation and negotiations on terminal planning, definition of the operating processes, continuous review of economic efficiency, definition and procurement of logistical services, support in contracting of terminal operations, definition of commercial contract structures with DB AG, combined transport operators and transport service providers, design and negotiation of railway-specific processes with DB AG and customer’s plant railway, support in contracting, building measures, trial operation and start of operation.


Innovation at this terminal

The terminal’s main rail-to-road cranes overlap with the cranes of the container storage area. This enables quick transfers with a minimum of moves.

Our Services

  • Analysis of technical, organizational and economic feasibility
  • Audit of planning requirements
  • Recommendation for the structure of an operating company
  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Monitoring of engineering design
  • Definition of operating processes
  • Recommendation for commercial contract structures with rail operators and transport service providers
  • Definition and negotiation of railway-specific processes
  • Support in contracting, building measures, trial operation and start of operation



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