Optimization of Last-Mile
Train Operation

in Seaports

boxXpress is a private railway operator specialized on the transport of oversea containers between the German seaports and inland destinations. boxXpress connects the German seaports Hamburg and Bremerhaven with the domestic economic regions of Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg. Since starting in 2000, boxXpress increased its capacity fourfould within 7 years. This huge increase of volume causes also problems, especially if the seaport infrastructure is not in line with the growth of the container transport.


Production processes must adapt to volume growth

In order to continue to offer a high-quality transport service, production processes will have to be adapted to the scarce resources, especially in seaports, in the future. As part of a process analysis, TransCare examined the train operations of boxXpress in Hamburg. In the process, TransCare identified weak points and, based on these, pointed out targeted optimization potentials for last-mile transports. Among other things, innovative concepts for terminal operation were developed.


Our Services

  • On-site analysis of traffic volumes and flows
  • Evaluation of hinterland traffic flows
  • Development of organizational and production procedures to improve the train operations of boxXpress in Hamburg
  • Commercial and rail operational evaluation of the procedures



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