Breakthrough for intermodal transport? – 2nd DVZ Conference on Combined Transport, November 29, 2023

“Combined transport must be driven to success in an entrepreneurial way,” Ralf Jahncke demanded during the DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung conference on combined transport (CT) in Hamburg.

Increasing the cost of road transport is pointless, does not increase CT traffic and discriminates the road, which is currently becoming sustainable faster than rail, emphasised the TransCare Managing Director in his keynote speech. He presented solutions and perspectives on how rail can significantly increase its market share and how CT can still achieve a breakthrough.


27. Nov 2023


Regulation versus liberalisation: How intermodal transport can achieve a breakthrough. Keynote speech by Ralf Jahncke, 2nd DVZ Combined Transport Conference, November 29,2023

Road transport is now five times more expensive than rail transport. Last but not least, the disproportionate rise in energy costs has caused the economy to slide into recession. The cost pressure on companies is therefore immense. Why is it still not possible to transport more goods by rail? Why is combined transport (CT) not managing to significantly increase its market share?
CT expert Ralf Jahncke will present answers to these questions and possible solutions during the 2nd DVZ Combined Transport Conference. In his keynote speech on 29 November 2023 in Hamburg, the TransCare Managing Director will present perspectives on how the breakthrough can still be achieved.
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