Sales Excellence

Extensive and frequent tendering processes bind our forces. Predatory competition based on price reduces our margins. Customers continuously demand cost optimization. And last but not least, global crises and new players on the market force us to act quickly and decisively. These conditions require an optimal return on sales investment for our own cost structure.

In order to achieve successful and sustainable growth for your company, important prerequisites are needed: Well-trained and motivated employees with clear and achievable goals, always efficient and effective processes, clear responsibilities and excellent communication with customers and colleagues in the sales process.

TransCare offers companies a professional assessment of their market position as a whole by reviewing costs and earnings. We check current sales strategies or develop them for the first time together with the customer. The sales organization and management are audited and – if necessary – readjusted. This also includes customer relations and the associated information media.

Our work does not end with the actual and target state: conscious change processes and active change management are part of our overall package. At the customer’s request, TransCare assumes responsibility for reorganization and fills relevant key positions.

Our services

  • Implementation of organizational audits
  • Discussion and moderation of conflicting goals and traditions in practice
  • Development of job profiles for the sales organization
  • Definition of sales objectives and incentives
  • Determination of the Return-On-Sales-Invest to be achieved
  • Definition of tasks and responsibilities for sales management
  • Development of a regular communication with all parties involved in sales
  • Definition and introduction of key figures and a review culture
  • Ensuring success and sales agility
  • Creation of a customer information and communication matrix
  • Development of a vision and mission for the sales department
  • Positioning of competitive advantages and product portfolio
  • Definition of the pricing process and incorporation of price authority
  • Implementation of benchmarking projects
  • Presentation of a sales career model and further training in sales
  • Selection of suitable training partners
  • Recruitment for key personnel



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Sales Excellence

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