TransCare to focus even more on its core business

Press Release:

After four years, Christian Marnetté and TransCare have ended their partnership at the end of February 2024 and are reorganizing strategically. In the future, Wiesbaden-based TransCare GmbH, which was founded more than 30 years ago, will focus more intensely on its traditional business area “We shift freight to rail” and the area of expertise M&A “We match interests”, which has grown enormously in recent years.

Christian Marnetté – a partner at TransCare since March 2020 – will continue the business area “We infuse knowledge and experience into your organization”, which has grown very successfully in recent years, as an independent management consultancy in the future, focusing even more strongly on supply chain consulting, top management support and strategy and organizational consulting.

“With Christian Marnetté, we have been able to set new accents in recent years and successfully expand our fields of activity,” reports Ralf Jahncke, Managing Partner and founder of TransCare: “We thank him for the good and trusting cooperation.”
Christian Marnetté, previously a partner at TransCare and now setting up his own consultancy, adds: “Our areas of expertise complement each other perfectly and so in the future we want to continue to offer these jointly wherever it makes sense.” Otherwise, however, both companies will concentrate more on what they do best.

Ralf Jahncke
TransCare GmbH
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