What’s going on in Combined Transport? – DVZ Conference – November 29, 2022

Getting things done instead of just organizing irresponsibility, asks Ralf Jahncke from Deutsche Bahn.

In his keynote speech at the DVZ Conference on Combined Transport (CT), the managing director of TransCare will present numerous pragmatic measures that could be used to increase CT’s share of the transport volume. These include increased cooperation between port and works railroads and DB Netz, for example, to speed up shunting processes. The CT expert also criticizes the lack of commitment and know-how to implement alternative routes and passing tracks.

17. Nov 2022

There is far too little going on in combined transport – but so much more would be possible. This requires revolution instead of evolution.

Combined transport has shown in the past that transport shares can be increased if you get it right. At the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, the transport volume in combined transport tripled in just eight years. The key to success at the time: agreement on strategy and cooperation among competitors. Unfortunately, this path was not followed with the necessary consistency. The result was a return to small-scale offerings with no lasting effect on the market.

Everyone against everyone instead of all for the overall goal of sustainable and reliable transports with a high share of rail.

The current market situation (environment, costs, lack of personnel) is forcing market participants to rethink. Combined transport is coming back into focus, but the rail/road combination has so far failed to deliver. This is where the DVZ Combined Transport Conference comes in, to find practical ways out of the deadlocked situation with participating experts and to show a realistic perspective for combined transport.

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As a long-standing CT expert, Ralf Jahncke will give the keynote speech at the event. He will present his assessment of the current situation and give a strategy recommendation for the sustainable development of the market.

The presentation (in german) is available for download here:

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