No more Evolution, but Revolution: The Competitive Freight Wagon

Shifting transports from road to rail is an ecological necessity, and there is widespread political support for that goal. Still, the modal share of rail in German freight transport remains below 20 percent. One reason is that freight wagons have not seen significant progress for decades. In contrast, road transport has achieved considerable performance improvements: Fast door to door transport, high flexibility and continuous monitoring of transport vehicles and their cargo at affordable costs are taken for granted today. This does not even include further progress through autonomous driving and platooning (i.e multiple vehicles driving with very little space between them thanks to a steering system).

The CFW initiative (Competitive Freight Wagon) intends to develop a novel freight wagon to make rail transport significantly more attractive, in particular for high value time-critical goods, which are hardly ever transported on rail today.

On May 9, 2017, CFW presented the wagon concept at the transport logistic fair in Munich. More information is available in our press release.

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