TransCare Prize Winner in Market Consultation Process

Press Release:

Hamburg Port Authority awards best concepts for the planned Central Terminal Steinwerder (CTS)

A wall of water for noise protection, energy from wood chips, water taxis, cable cars for visitors and efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly handling facilities – the market consultation process for Central Terminal Steinwerder (CTS) brought an abundance of ideas for the future of the Port of Hamburg. 35 companies from all over the world applied to take part in Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) ideas competition, a dozen well thought through concepts went through the selection process at the end. An independent jury had the difficult task of selecting the best concepts. TransCare was awarded a prize for an innovative, experienceable and sustainable concept. To do this TransCare left old tracks and incorporated rail.

Ralf Jahncke, TransCare AG CEO: “TransCare is known for successful concepts and the realisation of environmentally friendly logistics and transport chains.” Hamburg is not only an important location for world but also for TransCare. Eurogate, HHLA, HPA and Hoyer, just to mention a few, are our clients. The central nature of the port area to be planned, animated us to combine pragmatism and innovation. Hamburg is a modern port and therefore particularly suited to be used as a “lighthouse”.

The most important criteria of the market consultation ideas competition were an efficient use of the area at the heart of the port whilst keeping relevant environmental and sustainable issues in mind. “All submitted concepts contained excellent ideas” said Jens Meier, Chairman of the HPA-Management. “The TransCare concept with it’s intelligent combination of operative efficiency, environmental friendliness and public interests convinced us.”

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