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On November 20, 2017, TransCare’s Managing Director Ralf Jahncke commented on the situation of Slovenia’s national railway company Slovenske železnice to the Slovenian television station POP TV.

The newscast featured a TransCare study on the development of the railway company. Main question of the TV report: “Will the Slovenian Railway implement the proposed measures?”

Crucial sections of the Slovenian Railway network are single-track lines. For that reason, delays and construction measures have a high impact on traffic flows.

“If you need one hour or one hour and 15 minutes with the car from Ljubljana to Koper and 2 hours and 30 minutes with the train, you need to do something about the infrastructure.”

Modernizing the fleet is also an urgent issue.

“In a modern world you need to consolidate your business and specialize.”
“Throughout Europe the costs of operating railway networks are quite similar. The decisive factor is capacity utilization, i.e. to how many passengers – or containers – can these costs be allocated.”

In national interest the Slovenian Railway has taken first steps to implement measures for an increase of efficiency and attractiveness. The process requires a high level of motivation from all parties involved, but the need for further development is generally recognized.

Please find the full newscast following this link: Newscast POP TV Slovenia – 24UR – Slovenian Railway

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