General cargo network
Support of a strategy process

Together with more than 120 network partners, mostly medium-sized cargo companies, VTL offers demand-driven shipping methods for all general cargo shipments of the demanding and versatile clientele. All network partners are linked with hub traffic via the central trans-shipment facility in Fulda and the regional cross-docks North and West in Hanover and Gelsenkirchen. More than 6,000 general cargo shipments are handled reliably, efficiently and quickly every day. This service enables network partners to provide their customers with freight transport in Germany and throughout Europe at 24/48 hour intervals. Thus, an extensive supply chain offer is provided by local partners with a wide range of regional services in more than 35 countries.


Support of the development of a corporate strategy

At regular intervals, VTL’s current path is to be critically examined, the needs of customers and system partners are to be reviewed and developments in the market and among competitors are to be evaluated. The task for TransCare was the professional preparation, organization and moderation of a multi-day strategy workshop for supervisory board and management as well as the presentation of the results.


Honest reflection and self-confident future path

A TransCare keynote presentation on strategic work and the definition of the participants’ roles in shaping the future set a high common objective at the beginning. A specific overview of the existing players in the general cargo market in Germany (cooperations and large corporate networks), as well as the presentation of an evaluation of the various medium-sized cooperations based on individual testimonials at managing director and shareholder level surveyed by TransCare, formed the common basis for the evaluation of the current status and for the strategic direction to be taken by VTL. With the definition of action areas and specific strategic initiatives and projects, the already very good market position is to be consistently secured for the future and identified development areas are to be systematically enhanced. By means of structured and detailed documentation of the results, the discussed and defined corporate strategy is now communicated in cascade and the lines of action derived from it are brought to the responsible committees and departments for implementation. VTL succeeded with intensified input in defining or confirming essential strategic cornerstones in the shortest possible time.

Our Services

  • Agenda and layout of a strategy workshop resp. strategy paper
  • Conduct and moderation of the workshop with the objectives of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Preparation of a market overview for general cargo in Germany
  • Survey of high-level testimonials on the assessment of general cargo networks
  • Moderation Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats-Analysis (S.W.O.T.)
  • Transformation of the S.W.O.T. analysis into concrete fields of action (enhance, resolve, protect, avoid)
  • Support in the definition of concrete individual strategy elements and drafting of strategic initiatives
  • Determination of further tasks and actions to be defined
  • Implementation support and review according to customer requirements



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