Focus on SME – Strategic cooperation between marketing and sales

The worldwide operating service provider from the CEP segment planned disproportionate growth with small and medium-sized customers for its German organization, since these are much more profitable than Large Accounts and Global Key Accounts, In addition, a large yet unprocessed field was found.


Scope of the project

The key questions were: How can systematic print and online direct marketing pave the way for a targeted, simple and promising sales approach? Which customers suit us, where exactly do we find them and how do we need to address them? How do we keep track of who has performed which task in the customer approach and acquisition process, how do we measure success?



The various products and time options offered by the service provider, its tradelines, packaging and documentation offers and its pricing were analyzed with regard to possible markets and niches.
Subsequently, hierarchically adapted approach concepts for the respective target industries and company sizes were adopted. Service levels (SL) and standard operating procedures (SOP) were agreed between the specialist departments and those responsible, which made it clear who does what in the process and who is to what extent responsible.
The sales department was involved in the communication mix of the marketing organization. Sales was thus able to evaluate creative elements and became involved in global campaigns in due time.


Our Services

  • Target analysis and assignment
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for all tasks and functions in marketing and SME sales
  • Task assignment or reassignment
  • Process analyses and process descriptions (e.g. from address to lead, from offer to first shipment)
  • Definition of key performance indicators to measure success
  • Establishment of an integrated incentive program (“We success”)
  • Programming the KPI reports and defining the review culture
  • Providing interfaces with SOP and SL and establishing communication guidelines



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