Development of a logistics hot spot

Infraserv Hoechst is a leading site operator and industrial service provider for the chemical, pharmaceutical and other related processing industries. Infraserv offers a substantial railway network within the Hoechst industrial park. Near to Frankfurt am Main, it is one of Europe‘s largest production and research sites. Infraserv‘s subsidiary, the Infraserv Logistics GmbH, is a full service provider for logistics, specialized on chemical and pharmaceutical customers. It possesses nine locations all over Germany. They are one of the most experienced warehousing operators for dangerous goods. Furthermore, apart from storage, handling, loading and order management of goods they also offer dispatching, reconciliation, customs handling, consulting and training.


Scope of the project

Analysis of the on-site railway and interface optimization between on-site railway, warehousing, production sites and terminals.



The Hoechst industrial park is subject to continuing optimization to be able to handle the latest market demands. TransCare analyzed the complete on-site railway. The interfaces between railway, warehousing and production sites as well as the terminal operation were then redesigned. By developing a modular layout planning, the capacities have been adapted to be able to handle the forecast growth. The focus lay in the reduction of the logistics costs by increasing the sales volume. The terminal was changed, extended and put into operation in 2004.

Our services

  • Analysis of loading points.
  • Evaluation of the on-site traffic flows.
  • Mean of transport related market and potential analysis.
  • Railway infrastructure investigation.
  • Development of a transparent tariff system for the use of the railway infrastructure.
  • Modular train concept including track study.
  • Modular layout planning for a trimodal combined traffic terminal.
  • Successful application for government subsidies.



Infraserv GmbH & Co Höchst KG
Frankfurt / Main





Infrastructure Planning

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