Railway Terminal Planning Port of Tangier Med

One of the Biggest Places for Container Hand-ling in the Mediterranean Sea with a capacity of 3.5 Mil. TEU p.a. is coming up. One of the three terminals in the Port of Tangier Med, Tangier Med I, started operation in July 2007. Tangier Med will follow in June 2008 and the third terminal will start operation in June 2009. In the near future, 20% of the import/export volume will be transported by rail in the Moroccan hinterland.
For this reason, the state-owned port au-thority TMSA (Tangier Med Special Agency) asked TransCare to plan a separate railway ter-minal, directly connected to the container terminals Tangier med I and II.


Scope of the project

Layout Planning and Operational Concept for a railway terminal.



Based on a well-founded volume analysis of the Moroccan market, TransCare developed a modular extendable rail terminal concept. The work has been focussed on the possibility to extend the terminal capacity according to actual volume development, thus low investment costs and efficient operational processes can be realized. Furthermore, TransCare optimized the interfaces to the container terminals in cooperation with the operators and gave clear recommendations to TMSA about necessary structural, operational and fiscal measures to build up a competitive rail hinterland connection.

Our services

  • Cross-check of existing market prognosis.
  • Parameters of railway logistics to dry hinterland terminal.
  • Capacity calculation for railway terminal.
  • Operational concept.
  • Stepwise layout development.
  • Profitability calculation.
  • Structure of terminal operating company.
  • Strategic recommendations.



TMSA (Tangier Med Special Agency)
Rabat, Marokko







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